Delivery Information and Terms

Delivery and Shipping Information

The products we have in stock are delivered normally in the schedule mentioned on the Proponere website or in the individual messages. If not otherwise agreed (e.g. when reserving products that are out of stock), the delivery will be in 30 days from the moment that Proponere has confirmed the order in written (order confirmation).

Estimated delivery time is mentioned in the order confirmation or on the website regarding the specific product. If the delivery gets delayed, the seller will inform the client and continue supervising the order. If not otherwise agreed, and the delivery is getting delayed more than 30 weekdays due to reasons not related to the client, the purchase can be canceled by the client.

If the package is to be picked in a specific delivery spot, the client will pick in the time schedule mentioned in the notification received by him / her. Proponere is not in charge of the costs that are caused by re-sending a package in a case that the client has not him- / herself picked the package in defined time schedule. Packages should be normally picked personally, using a valid identity card and a possible order number, for example in a Post office the client is normally asked a document for identification when receiving the package. It is good that the client is following emails, text messages while waiting the package in case the third party notification, e.g. the one of Post office, would be for some reason get lost on its way to the client.

Proponere with its partners will pick a suitable delivery option for each package, delivery, that it would serve the client in the best ways and we could deliver the packages in a cost effective way.